Learning the Guitar With Preston Guitar Lessons

Whether you've never picked up a guitar before, have some past experience or are quite experienced with the guitar, Rob can develop your playing skills and teach you all the techniques you deserve to know.

Many students start off as complete beginners but with Rob's tailored guitar tuition, you'll learn to play your favourite songs, whatever the style, be it Metallica, Def Leppard or Dolly Parton!

Learn shredding, sweep picking, alternate picking, sweeping arpeggios, harmonic squeals and two handed tapping. Learn every trick and technique in the book and more.

Whatever style of music you're into, Rob can teach you scales and solos on the guitar that will suit your style. From in-depth instruction in blues lead guitar secrets, technique and improvisation to thorough instruction in rock, metal and progressive lead guitar technique and improvisation, including all modal lead guitar improvisation.

Everyone learns how to play at a different pace and each student is treated as an individual, with their own personal lesson plan to suit them.

After each lesson, you will be given tablature (also known as tab) of the techniques, song or scales learned during the lesson so that you may practice in your own time between lessons.

To get the most out of your lesson, weekly one hour lessons are recommended, though you're welcome to have them as frequently as you like.

Rob teaches acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass guitar lessons in Preston, Leyland, Bamber Bridge, Bolton and the surrounding areas in Lancashire. Please feel free to call Rob on 07946 324 803 for more information or to book your first lesson.